Monday, May 28, 2012

Maternity Pictures


I wanted to post some maternity pictures.  I had the best photographer, Nick Wedbush and we took a bunch of pictures around our home.  I am so happy to have these pictures.

We went to the doctor last week for one more ultrasound to help determine Rae's size.  We were warned that ultrasounds get less accurate as the baby gets bigger so I am hoping that their measurements were off, because we have a BIG baby on our hands if they are correct.  Per the ultrasound, Rae already weights 7 pounds and should continue to gain a half a pound a week until she makes her big debut.  The ultrasound also measured her as being 37 weeks.  The doctor said that they will not change the due date because little Rae is still only 35 weeks along.  I have had a feeling that Rae will make her appearance early, by about 2 weeks.  I am not sure if this is wishful thinking on my part or if she will truly be early.  In addition to the maternity pictures I have also included one of the ultrasound pictures.  I am to the point where I will be going to the doctor every week now, so it will not be long until our little girl will be here.

We think that we are "ready" I have my bags packed and waiting by the back door.  We went to the fire department where a friend of ours works and he taught us the ins and outs of our car seat.  I highly recommend this to any expecting parents.  We learned so much and we are very grateful for Eric.

I will keep posting updates to let everyone know what is going on.  We are so excited that Rae will be here so soon.  Thank you all for following us during our adventure to parenthood.  


Nick, Sarah, Gizmoe and Rae 

Monday, May 14, 2012

A quick update!

Hello!!  I know I have not posted in awhile, but when I started I just wanted to use this for big news, i.e. letting everyone know that we were expecting, what we were having, etc.  With that being said I do not have a HUGE update, but I wanted to post pictures of Rae's nursery and give an update of what we have been up to lately.

Since my last blog we have been very busy trying to get everything ready for Rae's arrival!  We purchased all of the furniture the day we found out we were having a little girl and we have been putting her room together ever since.  I have a few more things to hang but other than that, we are just waiting for Rae! 

We went to the doctor last week and she let us know that Rae is measuring a week ahead of schedule, which I am thrilled about.  I have an ultrasound next week and they will determine her current size and her expected delivery weight.  I am really looking forward to this appointment so we can see her again and of course get a better idea of when she will be here.  I will post these pictures, if she cooperates (keep reading).

A few weeks ago we had another 3D/4D ultrasound done, just to see her again before she got here and just like last time, she was not cooperating, at all!  She was holding the umbilical cord in front of her face so we could not see anything.  Also, to get a really good image, there needs to be a lot of amniotic fluid between the baby and the uterus, so naturally she was pressed right up against me!  I am not sure where she gets this stubborn attitude from. (wink, wink)

We have also been busy with taking classes from our hospital.  First we took a Childbirth Preparation class, which was helpful but I am still pretty sure that nothing can really prepare you for childbirth!!  I do recommend you take it if you are on the fence though.  We also took a tour of the hospital, which is so nice.  As of right now we know where to go when the time comes and what to expect during our stay, hopefully we can remember all of this when Rae is actually on her way!  Nick is going to take an infant CPR class in a few weeks (I have a baby shower to attend), so after that we should be "ready."

We have also had some amazing showers for Rae.  We had one in Houston, one in Atlanta and I also had one at work.  I am completely overwhelmed with the generosity of our family and friends.  We would not be "ready" without you!  Also, I must say that my mom, my aunt Debbie, Nick's mom Kathy, his sister Katie and his aunt Susan have been such a huge help and I appreciate them more than they will ever know! Both of our families have been so wonderful and so supportive, we could not do it without you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I have had a very easy pregnancy so far, my biggest problem was heartburn and that is nothing a little Zantac cannot fix!  I am really looking forward to not being pregnant anymore of course to see Rae and finally have her here with us, but also to get back to being normal, or I guess I should say our new normal.  I cannot wait to workout again, like a real workout, not just walking or lifting light weights...I am over that!  I am also really looking foward to hugging Nick again, a normal hug, we have been having to hug to the side for the last few months.  Also, I am pretty sure that all of the clothes for sale right now (besides maternity) are the cutest clothes ever, so I cannot wait to wear normal clothes again! 

Now the part that you have been waiting for, pictures of Rae's room:

This is the view when you walk into her room.

Her little dresser/changing table.  I have 3 lambs that I am going to hang to the right of the mirror.

Her crib.

Don't worry I know that I need to iron the chair and add pictures to her board!!! : )

Rae's diaper bag, packed with things for the hospital.

33 weeks pregnant!!  I am not sure how I am going to get any bigger!!!

 I will do another post next week after our next appointment and ultrasound.  I hope everyone is doing well, thank you again for all of the love and support during our adventure to parenthood!!  Just a few more weeks and Rae will be here! 


Nick, Sarah, Gizmoe and Rae

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We are having a little girl!!!

Yesterday we went to Images From The Womb to have a 3D/4D ultrasound to find out what Baby Wedbush was.  It was great!!  Our baby had quite the audience, in the room, my mom, my aunt, Nick's mom, Nick's dad, Nick's sister, her boyfriend Emory and Nick's aunt, while this was a pretty big audience, there were more on the phone, including: My dad, his wife Karen, my grandparents, my aunts Leigh and Linda and of course Nick and I were there, along with the baby!  I wish that we had a picture of everyone waiting!  We started the ultrasound and our baby was being a little stubborn and was not letting us find out what we were having, I had to get up walk around and try to get our little baby to move around (you can imagine what I looked like doing this).  When I came back our baby was still being stubborn, so I turned on my side and she (yes I said she), finally cooperated.  We were finally (after weeks of speculation) able to tell what we were having, a little girl!!  Everyone was thrilled!!  Of course all that we want is a healthy, happy baby, but we are so happy to be having a little girl!  Here are some pictures:

Look at those feet:

This is my favorite picture of her, she looks so happy:

This is our baby being stubborn, but still as cute as a button:

Her name is going to be Rae Elise Wedbush.  Rae is a family name on my Dad's side of the family, my Great Grandfather's name is Ray, he named one of his daughters Virginia Rae, I have a cousin named Ray and now a little baby on the way named Rae.  Her middle name Elise, is which is a family name on my Mom's side of the family, my Grandmother was Jane Elise Hancock, my mom was Guilford Elise Mayes, I was Sarah Elise McLeod.  We are thrilled to be carrying on and combining these family names!    Here is a picture of me 16 weeks pregnant:

We also purchased all of her furniture yesterday and I will post some pictures when that is all finished.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support we are so happy to be sharing our journey with each and everyone of you.  Have a great day!


Nick, Sarah and Gizmoe