Thursday, December 29, 2011

We are having a baby!!!!!

On October 7th, we found out that I was pregnant!! (eek!)  I am due on June 28th and everything is going really well, I have been feeling great and now that I am officially 14 weeks, I am not a complete zombie anymore, I was completely exhausted during my first trimester.

For Thanksgiving we were in Texas this year and we brought a bunch of tiny picture frames home as gifts for our family.  The picture was an ultrasound of little Peanut.  Once we came back to Atlanta we were able to tell Nick's family and head off to Auburn for the Iron Bowl.  Everyone is so excited and cannot wait for this little baby to get here!

Since early October, we have had a few Doctor appointments, including 2 ultrasounds and today we were finally able to hear our little baby's heart beat!  We also scheduled the next 2 appointments, we will go back to the Doctor on January 26th for a check up and on February 2nd we will find out the sex of our baby!!!

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks...Enjoy!

This was taken right when we found out:

I took 2 more when I got home, just to make sure...

Fist "bump" picture - lacking a bump!

Our first ultrasound pictures

 First ultrasound at 7 weeks (the baby is the thing that looks like a grain of rice)

Second ultrasound at 10 weeks

There is a little bitty bump there!