Sunday, January 15, 2012

We are having a little girl!!!

Yesterday we went to Images From The Womb to have a 3D/4D ultrasound to find out what Baby Wedbush was.  It was great!!  Our baby had quite the audience, in the room, my mom, my aunt, Nick's mom, Nick's dad, Nick's sister, her boyfriend Emory and Nick's aunt, while this was a pretty big audience, there were more on the phone, including: My dad, his wife Karen, my grandparents, my aunts Leigh and Linda and of course Nick and I were there, along with the baby!  I wish that we had a picture of everyone waiting!  We started the ultrasound and our baby was being a little stubborn and was not letting us find out what we were having, I had to get up walk around and try to get our little baby to move around (you can imagine what I looked like doing this).  When I came back our baby was still being stubborn, so I turned on my side and she (yes I said she), finally cooperated.  We were finally (after weeks of speculation) able to tell what we were having, a little girl!!  Everyone was thrilled!!  Of course all that we want is a healthy, happy baby, but we are so happy to be having a little girl!  Here are some pictures:

Look at those feet:

This is my favorite picture of her, she looks so happy:

This is our baby being stubborn, but still as cute as a button:

Her name is going to be Rae Elise Wedbush.  Rae is a family name on my Dad's side of the family, my Great Grandfather's name is Ray, he named one of his daughters Virginia Rae, I have a cousin named Ray and now a little baby on the way named Rae.  Her middle name Elise, is which is a family name on my Mom's side of the family, my Grandmother was Jane Elise Hancock, my mom was Guilford Elise Mayes, I was Sarah Elise McLeod.  We are thrilled to be carrying on and combining these family names!    Here is a picture of me 16 weeks pregnant:

We also purchased all of her furniture yesterday and I will post some pictures when that is all finished.  Thank you so much for all of your love and support we are so happy to be sharing our journey with each and everyone of you.  Have a great day!


Nick, Sarah and Gizmoe